Nancy Morgan


After waking up and realizing that working for other people was counterproductive to fulfilling the irresistible dream of becoming an entrepreneur in a small town in Eastern Ontario, Nancy Morgan, resident of North Grenville, formally from Montreal and respectively the tiny town of Châteauguay, her dream came true in March 2015 when she opened The Workshop Dance Studio! In her youth, superior dancing & teaching skills were gained during the second half of the previous century, by studying for 10,000 hours with the likes of Charles Griffiths, John Stanzel, Andre Lucas, Christian Hache, Luc Gonthier and Bill Orlowsky, then teaching and performing for another 10,000 hours with the amazing Tapotage Dancers and Benny Draier. Somehow marriage and children happen and the thrill of performing was put aside, but the dancing never stopped. Exhausting as it is to raise children, Nancy continued to dance with her husband. Then hearing the seductive call back to teaching and all sense of job security out the window, The Workshop open at 215 Sanders St., Kemptville. Not content to be just any dance studio - Nancy's dream was to open a special studio that caters exclusively to adults. Non-competitive, with cushioned floors, low mood lighting and sexy fully-length mirrors it is encouraged that you check the negative self-talk at the door.  Nancy is there to hold your hand, as together you combat dementia by learning dance skills you thought you never had!